Uber has invested heavily in so-called “Vertical Take-off and Landing” (VTOL) aircraft in recent years, and now they’re making a big pitch for it in Dallas.

It all begins today as the Uber Elevate Summit is now underway. According to Uber.com the purpose of the two day event is to "build awareness about the Elevate mission, detail Uber's role in the ecosystem, identify and accelerate opportunities to collaborate within the community, and define a path towards initial urban eVTOL operations."

The idea is that flying taxis would be equipped with fixed wings featuring tilt propellers. The cars would take off in similar fashion to helicopters, and would use existing launch pads and heliports. Uber plans to live stream the days events via the link below.

While many of us day dream about flying cars, is it possible that Uber will actually move the flying car idea past the conceptual stage? If they actually can get a car to take off vertically and fly horizontal, would the FAA really allow cars to fly? Can you imagine being an air traffic controller someday? Let's hope they figure this all out.

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