I'm visibly upset over this situation. This crap has got to stop. A Swedish model has been told she is too fat to work in campaigns.

This is insane. Our standards about beauty and health have to change within our culture. What are we teaching girls and young women? Yes, we have an obesity problem in our country, but the standard of beauty doesn't help.

Agnes Hedengård shared this video on YouTube to alert people to the unrealistic standards of beauty in the modeling industry. I ask what does this say about our culture?

Where do women and young girls turn to find what is fashionable? Magazines, blogs, catalougues and sites that are populated with women who are actually underweight.

In her video Hedengard explains that she has a body mass index, BMI, of 17.5. A normal BMI is 19. While the industry claims she's too big, medical experts would say she's actually too small.

This needs to stop. I know I'm on a rant here, but this hits close to home for me. Too many women come down with eating disorders in this country and around the world, because they are overwhelmed with the image of unrealistic beauty.

It's so unrealistic that timelapse videos have been produced that show just how much re-touching and body shaping that is done when photographers edit the images.

Does this anger you as much as it does me, or am I totally out of line?