University of Georgia researchers say 1 to 7 is no longer a correct way to tell how old your dog is.  The results of their new study now can give you a more accurate way to tell how old your dog is.  They say that the four legged member of your family ages at a different rate, depending on it's size.


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On small dogs, their aging slows down as they get older.  The first two years are each worth 12 and a half years.  After that you've got to calculate by breed.  Dachshunds are 4.32 a year...Chihuahuas are 4.87...Cocker Spaniels are 5.55...and French Bulldogs calculate at 7.65 per year.

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The rules for Medium sized friends start out with 10 and a half years for the first 2 years.  Then, again, it's by breed.  Labrador Retrievers are 5.74...Pit Bulls come in  at 5.33, and Bulldogs are 13.42 years.


Big Dogs are nine years for the first two years.  Then, breed takes over.  German Shepherds are 7.84 a year, and Boxers are 8.9.

For a more in-depth look into this study, pick up a copy of the current issue of the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine