The Academy of Country Music Awards take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Sunday night, and US 105 has your free tickets.  Get all the details on the US 105 Tax Day Giveaway.

This Wednesday is one of the more dreaded days on the calendar:  Tax Day.  Dreaded for everyone except the corporations that hide their money overseas, that is.  Because Uncle Sam isn't making enough in tax revenue, he's taken up a 2nd job:  Ticket scalper.  We decided to do our part to help the economy, so we bought up a pair of tickets to the ACM Awards this Sunday night at Jerry World.

You can win our tickets to the ACM Awards with the Tax Day Giveaway.  Listen all day Wednesday starting at the top of the 6am hour with Big D & Bubba for the hourly "Winning Word", the word you'll need to enter here on the website to win great hourly prizes AND be entered for the grand prize drawing that will take place at 6pm for the ACM Award Show tickets.

There will be a different "Winning Word" announced at the top of each hour between 6am & 5pm, with the grand prize winner drawn at 6pm.  That means you've got 12 chances to win hourly prizes, and 12 chances to qualify for free tickets to the 50th Annual ACM Awards Sunday night.