Are you reading this article on our app? it's super convenient, everything available at the tap...  oh wait you just got a notification, someone commented on your picture, well you better like that and put a little thumbs up emoji or something.

Okay, you're back. Good, so as I was saying our phones are great and can be super useful, but there are definitely times when we can spend far too much time on it. Frontier Bundles seems to agree and is looking to give one "smartphone addict" a cool thousand dollars if they can solely use a flip phone for a week, reports.

Do you know a smartphone addict, are you a smartphone addict?? One in three Americans suffer from mobile phone addiction, according to nothing, I just made that up.

To apply you must write a 200-word essay on why you should be selected and be at least 18 years old, click here to learn more. If selected you must record the amount of time you spend on the device and track any and all physical and emotional changes that occur. When you cry hourly you have to write that down!

I would probably do it, but I just don't have time. Got to check emails, crush candy and what not.

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