The Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah is making headlines today after a 3-year-old boy was left alone crying in the corn maze for hours. His parents could not be located.

KSTU reports the boy's parents had gone home not realizing they had left him in the maze. The young boy wasn't able to tell police his name, making finding his parents even harder. They finally called about their child some 12 hours later at about 8 am the next day.

Parenting fail of the year? Definitely contenders.

A woman walking the corn maze found the boy alone at a dead-end crying for his family. The boy was given to police who let him watch a movie in their squad car while they looked for the parents without success. The owner of the maze made several announcements but no one claimed the child.

So when the parents called looking for the boy the next morning, they were told the boy went home with child family services. The owner of the maze is just glad that another adult took the time to help the boy and bring the situation to his attention.

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