Oh hi, internet. Do you struggle with putting together an awesome party?

You're not alone. 9 out of 10 individuals don't know the first thing about throwing an awesome rager. Labor day is the perfect time for you to learn, what better way to send off the summer then with a party so wild the cops are called.

My sister Noble and I want to help. We created a video of just a few of our best tips and tricks. From the grill to selecting the right brand of ice, your fiesta is sure to be a hit if you listen to the wise, wise words of the Medrano siblings.

If these "life hacks" work for you let us know and we will consider making a full feature-length tutorial on how to throw the perfect summer rager for just three small payments of $89.99.

Keep an eye out for our hacks to the perfect fall social. Much more than just pumpkin carving technique.

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