So we all know driving in Texas is sometimes a pain in the you know what right? Somebody is bound to anger you while behind the wheel in the Lone Star State. I mean, how in the world do people not know what blinkers are in the year of 2023?

But then again, there's much more that could tick someone off while on the Texas roads. A traffic light isn't working, a road is closed...someone could cut you off on the way to work...we better stop listing these things before it gets too long.

However, one driver in Texas unfortunately realized their mistake too late. Now, one video shows that driver stuck in a precarious position.

One Texas Driver And Getting Stuck In What?

There's one thing that could stop any driver in Texas. Well, that is if they paid attention to it. Orange cones generally tell us that an area is off limits. Well about that:

First off, how in the world did they miss the cones telling them not to go that way? More importantly, there were workers in the area too! I can only imagine what they were thinking when this moment occurred.

But I've always wondered something. Are cars simply able to drive away without any damage due to the cement? Well as it turns out no, there is the potential for the car being damaged after driving right into wet cement.

Just another reminder to drive safely in the state of Texas!

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