Sometimes, a horse race is more than just a horse race.

The 143rd Kentucky Derby is scheduled for this weekend - yes, the 143rd! -- with one winner going down in the history books, joining a legion of other famous thoroughbreds. From the famed race's first winner, Aristedes, to other legends, like Secretariat, American Pharoah, War Admiral and Affirmed, the Kentucky Derby is often the starting point for horses on their quest to history.

The race is also a chance for some really weird moments. Disqualifications? An enraged crowd? Jockeys fighting? Yup -- they've all happened.

So, grab a mint julep and take a walk down memory lane as we look at some of the more bizarre moments in Kentucky Derby history. Will something happen this year to put these other episodes to shame? Well, you'll just have to tune in and find out for yourself.

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