The Tristan Family in Waco has been helping spread Christmas cheer for almost 20 years, and now they are finally getting the recognition they deserve!

'The Great Christmas Light Fight' on ABC has been known for seasons as picking some fantastic lights displays. So many times we see really big houses with super light displays and really cool music coordinated along with a theme. This year, it seems like a little more Christmas spirit went into selecting the winner.

Alice Tristian and her family have been putting up Christmas lights for the better part of two decades. Each year, her light display would bring about new friendships with neighbors and Texans stopping by to see her growing display. Close to Alice's house is Waco's Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. Over the years her light display has attracted the attention of patients who would see the Christmas magic from their hospital windows as they looked out onto her display. This is part of the reason Alice was selected as this year's winner.

The video above shows her light display as it looked in 2015. As clips from this season of "The Great Christmas Light Fight" are released you'll be able to see the updated version. She begins setting up her lights in the late summer months and works all through the fall to bring the Christmas Spirit to central Texas, each year a little more than the last. It was the "reach" of Alice's light display and it's effect on her community that brought her this year's title.

If you'd like to go see it for yourself, the light display is located at Proctor Avenue and 27th Street in Waco. The display will be up until January 3rd.

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