In the world of sports it's not always about winning, sometimes it's about rooting for the other team.  No, really.  It happened at a private school in Waco when Gainesville came to town.

Gainesville State School basketball team is made up of juvenile felony offenders.  Inmates who exhibit very good behavior are allowed to leave the prison a few times a year to play basketball.

When Gainesville goes on the road they don't bring cheerleaders or other inmates. They often have nobody rooting for them.

CBS followed the team to Vanguard College Prep in Waco where Scott Pelley talked to two Vanguard players, Hudson Bradley and Ben Martinson who refused to play against a team with no fans.



Hudson and Ben asked some Vanguard fans to cheer for Gainesville.  Vanguard fans made spirit signs, split up the cheerleaders, and fans dressed in Gainesville colors.

The Gainesville players were surprised to find their own cheering section.

The Vanguard kids were so into it, soon everybody was cheering for Gainesville!


It's one basketball game the Gainsville players say they will never forget.