Yesterday marked the 64th Anniversary of the Waco Tornado of 1953. 

Our news partners at KWTX had a crew on hand to follow along on a remembrance walk through the city that took place yesterday. A tour reminded participants that the Waco tornado of 1953 is still tied for the deadliest storm in Texas history, and is ranked as the 11th deadliest tornado in U.S. history.

Local author Eric Ames shows off the areas of the city struck by the tornado during a three and a half mile tour. He told KWTX

When you walk block after block and you see how there were buildings here that aren't here anymore…this large building fell, this is where 22 people died in the rubble…it really is a more personal impact I think than just reading about it

The other Tornado that is tied for the deadliest storm in Texas was the one that struck Goliad, Texas in 1902. 114 people also lost their lives during that Tornado.

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