Waco, Texas had their Friday night served up on a nonstop order of country, southern rock, and Texas red dirt thanks to Bryan Martin playing The Backyard. Even though Martin's pre musical career was the oil rigs of West Texas and was the winner of the Texas Country Music Association's 2019 songwriter of the year, He has not been all that active over the past half decade when it comes to touring the Lone Star State and building up his market following.

All of that changed Friday night in Waco.

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You know I really enjoy going to see concerts when time and family life allows, and sharing those viewing experiences with your kids are some of the greatest memories. Unfortunately, bedtime did not allow me to bring any of my three babies, but that didn't stop this show being enjoyed by all attendees young and old(er).

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Everyone had a great time watching Bryan Martin perform in Waco


Sometimes people wonder about kids in the GA section of live concerts, and here's a perfect example of why you shouldn't worry so much. Granted, he probably wouldn't get away with standing on the guard rail at too many other shows.

My own daughter Royal was just 4 when she had her first pit experience at a Luke Bryan concert in a sold out arena.

This Is Bryan Martin In Waco, Texas And His New Hit 'We Ride'

Even if you missed him this time around, soon Bryan Martin will be impossible to miss as he will be opening for an entire leg of the current Morgan Wallen's tour that includes back to back nights at AT&T Stadium in July.

Check out We Ride on YouTube

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