Sometimes, all of us need to get out to nature and take in the scenery of Central Texas. Yes, the heat sometimes dissuades us from walking around, but hopefully soon temps will drop to normal levels. While some of us stay inside, others take to trails to take it all in.

Even in the Texas heat, one Hewitt man however discovered an item that many may have passed before, but didn't think to examine it.

One Mysterious Item Found By Art Castillo

KTWX recently spoke with Art Castillo, who found a historical artifact while walking on one of the trails he frequents. While walking among the Cotton Belt Trail in Waco, he spotted something than a simple rock on the trail. Instead, he discovered a Mammoth Molar amongst the scattered rocks.

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Initially, Castillo did what any person would do, post the item onto social media:

After many encouraged him to take the presumed mammoth tooth for examination, he did just that. He made his way to the Waco Mammoth National Monument for the item to be confirmed as his initial assumption.

The Results Of The Exam

Art's guess was indeed correct. They indeed confirmed the item was a mammoth molar. Not only that, it was between a staggering 25,000 or 50,000 years old!

You'll also notice Castillo didn't ask for any money for the discovery. He instead was content with the emotions the tooth would bring to those visiting to see it.

He also, according to KWTX, hoped that the find would encourage many other to trek out and find historical items much like him.

So looks like we might be putting our hiking shoes in few weeks too!

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