Nobody can beat Taylor Swift at her own game, but if anyone comes close to creating a comparable cover of the country crossover star's hit song 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' it's the Canadian indie band Walk Off the Earth. The five-member group created a stunning remake of her new song from 'Red,' and it's quickly becoming a YouTube sensation.

Walk Off the Earth's version of the popular tune starts off with the band's lead singer, Sarah Blackwood, alone in front of the camera. She sings out the first few lines of the song, and then one bandmate joins her to add in some acapella percussion. Slowly, the other four members of the band -- who all happen to be pretty hip dudes -- chime in with nothing but their vocals to create an impressive version of the song.

The kicker comes when the first chorus hits and beatboxer Gianni Luminati enters the scene. We're not sure how he does it, but Lumanati manages to contribute some dubstep and convincing percussion to the tune without the help of any instruments. Although Blackwood carries the tune with her crystal clear vocals, it's Lumanati's beatbox acumen that really makes this video shine.

While new to the country crowd, Walk Off the Earth are no strangers to YouTube -- the group's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' cover (originally by Gotye) is closing in on 145 million views.

Since Swift released 'I Knew You Were Trouble' as a pop single late last year, the song has landed on charts in more than one dozen countries -- including clinching a No. 3 slot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Critical reception for the song has soared since the 'Red' hitmaker released the mini-movie music video for the tune and started rocking stages with energetic performances.