Walmart has rolled out a jar of fruit punch pickles that make a fantastic summer treat.

Tropickles cucumber pickles that have been soaking in fruit punch! They're available now at 1200 Walmart locations across the USA for a little extra summer fun.

While the idea isn't exactly brand new, it is popular in the South. Kool-Aid pickles have been something I've seen people make in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

A jar of Great Value Tropickles sells for about $2 plus tax.

So, how do they taste?

The experts in the kitchen say if you love sweet and salty snacks then these pickles are right up your ally. Sweet and tangy for sure, but less acidic and more sugary than regular pickles. Critics say they're extra juicy thanks to the fruit punch. The aftertaste is big on fruit punch and less in terms of pickle face. Enjoy!

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