Not that I wish bad things upon those that can afford an $845,000 car, but to think of the inconvenience that comes with the insurance paperwork on a vehicle like that is certainly worth a chuckle.

Let's not focus on the thousands upon thousands of people that could afford to feed and clothe their family with just under $1-million.  Let's instead focus on what I could have bought with that wasted money.

I could have bought my house.  And my neighbor's house.  And their neighbor's house.  And the other neighbor's house.  And my mom's house.  And my dad's house.  And my brother's house.  All for $845,000.

I could have bought around 30 of my Dodge Ram 1500 trucks for that money.  I could have easily bought a few of the radio stations I work for, and even afford to buy some new bumper stickers for those stations.  Amazing.

Instead, let's just watch $845,000 burn.  The 893-horsepower Porsche Spyder is.... WAS... owned by Michael Werkerle, an investment dude that also hosts the Canadian version of America's "Sharktank" TV show.  Let's not feel too sorry for him.  He's not taking the bus tomorrow while insurance schedules a claim adjustor.