One of the best parts of the holidays is all the delicious food. At my house, the baking started around Thanksgiving and is just now tapering off. To really make a difference in our cooking, food preparation is key. Refrigeration is a necessity for many foods; the chilly air can also damage certain foods, especially their taste.

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The Food Network knows all about delicious dishes and food preparation. While arranging everything in the refrigerator might sound like a good idea, in this article you'll find there are certain foods better enjoyed at room temperature. Let's check out which foods are preferable left unrefrigerated.


brown coffee beans
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Putting your coffee in the refrigerator can cause watery condensation - a no-go for the flavor of ground or whole coffee beans. Instead, store in an airtight container in your kitchen cabinet.


Cherry tomatoes
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The cold of the refrigerator makes tomatoes dull and mushy. They're best kept out on the counter. When they ripen, it's time to make homemade salsa.


Potatoes on the floor.
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Temperatures in the refrigerator will speed up breakdown of the potato's starches into sugars. This could cause an undesirable sweet taste to your taters. Storing potatoes in a cool, dry place is the best route.


Chocolate brownies on square white plate
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Baked Goods

Nothing will crumble your cookie quicker than a refrigerator. The fats in baked products harden in colder temperatures, affecting taste and texture. Nobody likes a rock-hard brownie.


Sliced bread in a plastic bag on white surface.
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It may hold off mold growth a bit, but refrigerating bread can dry it out quick. If you have a surplus of bread, try freezing and toasting it as needed.


Whole and sliced onions on wooden cutting board.
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Uncut onions are fine sitting out at room temperature. In fact, the humidity of the refrigerator can turn them mushy and nasty. Once they're cut though, refrigerate them in a container.


Slices of watermelon
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Keep whole melons out on the countertop for best flavor. There's even evidence that melons at room temperature help keep antioxidants more intact. Once the melon has been cut, it can be refrigerated for 3-4 days.


Citrus cocktail, jug, pieces of fruit on a dark background, selective focus
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Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are grown in warm environments so it only makes sense that there is no refrigeration needed here (until the fruit is cut open).


Photo: amirulsyaidi/Getty Images
Photo: amirulsyaidi/Getty Images


Fresh apples are great to leave out on the counter. Refrigerating them can cause a mushy, undesirable taste.


Hot sauce on a table
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Hot Sauce

Want to keep your sauce boss? Then you'll want to keep it out of the fridge. The potency of the peppers is better at room temperature, plus there's plenty of vinegar to prevent bacterial growth.

If you're like me, one New Year's resolution is to cook at home more. Cooking at home saves money and is a healthier option. Knowing these little tips and tricks around the kitchen can help make things that much easier.

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