Stealing is wrong, most all Texans know this. Theft of any item, no matter what is, will eventually be discovered. However, there are always items where almost all of us sit down and wonder simply, "why that item?"

We've all wondered why a certain item is stolen and for what reason it's taken. This is certainly one of those instances. According to a tweet from Southlake DPS, pool cleaners are disappearing:

Pool Cleaners? Really?

Yes, people are now taking pool cleaners. What a weird item for people to take. But for those unaware, pool cleaners are apparently very lucrative items. According to the DPS, they range in value between $700 and $2,000.

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Which all of us were probably unaware of until now.

Even Coleyville Police are urging residents to watch their pools:

So How Do We Avoid Thefts Of Pool Cleaners?

Colleyville gave out some tips to help avoid theft:

- Ensure all gates on your property are closed and locked.
- Install and/or check the function of video camera systems.
- Verify inventory of pool equipment regularly.
- Keep a list of equipment and serial numbers in a safe place.
- Use an Owner Applied Number or other identifier so the equipment can be returned if it is recovered.
- Report the theft to police ASAP!

However, Police Are Capturing These Thieves

Southlake DPS did indeed find somebody who was stealing pool cleaners:

So it's good sign that Texans taking heed to protect their items. All of us need clean pools to swim in after all right?

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