Texans traveling along I-10 between San Antonio and Seguin have probably noticed the sign for "Woman Hollering Creek" several times. Do you know the creepy legend behind this popular Texas ghost story?

Onlyinyourstate.com says the legend is about a young woman who gives birth to two children and is left to raise them alone when the father leaves. She finds another man, but before she can tell him she's a mother of two, she learns that he despises children. Convinced she will never find someone to love her or the children, she drowns them in the creek. Her cries while drowning the children are said to still be heard today by brave souls who visit the creek. This is how "Woman Hollering Creek" got its name.

She is said to be walking the creek looking for her children's bones, as she needs them in order to pass on to the next world.

In the video below, a paranormal team investigates the creek. Legend has it that visitors should not get close to the water or they just might get pulled in!

As with any local legend or ghost story, if you visit this area please be careful. Be respectful to the residents in the area of the creek, and do not trespass in areas where visitors are not allowed.