Last month Whiskey Myers' Concrete Country episode premiered on CMT, that was just the beginning of the Texas Red Dirt takeover on CMT. Last week was the premiere of one of Red Dirt's finest as Stoney LaRue took center stage on the popular country music television station.


Stoney LaRue chose Billy Bob's Texas as his Concrete Country backdrop because of the key role it's played in his career. Early on, he recorded a live album at the iconic venue in Fort Worth, Texas. Now, he routinely sells it out. And from those early days until now, he's relied on fans to keep him going.

"You build something, a foundation strong enough, then you can build anything on it," he says. "Being an independent artist, it does take the artist being with the fans because that's who got you there in the first place. Those are the people who came out to some of your first shows that got you to where you are now."

Still to come on Concrete Country: Casey Donahew, The Dirty River Boys and Turnpike Troubadours.

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