Springtime in central Texas means hitting the road to enjoy tons of fun, but it also means an increase in serious accidents with more people on the roads.

Texting and driving or playing with your phone while trying to drive can lead to a serious accident. One that requires fire fighters to actually cut you free from your vehicle so that you can receive medical attention. Today we took a look at all the hard work that Temple Fire and Rescue puts into vehicle extraction as we took the cameras out to watch them practice today at Wrench A Part Self Service Auto Parts.

Check out the footage of Wes and Training Captain Johnathan Christian discussing the tools and the trade of vehicle extraction. Just a quick glance at some of these vehicles will hopefully be enough to get our listeners a little more knowledge behind why fire fighters are fans of the phrase, "Stay Alive, Don't Text and Drive".

Thanks so much to Temple Fire and Rescue for all they do to keep us safe. The guys are such good sports. Captain Christian told us that the fire fighters play a game with each other when the media comes around. They look and see who made it onto tv or the internet based on the various cameras, and that photo becomes what is called the "Blue Bell" photo. In other words, if you make it onto tv or print (or the internet) - then you gotta buy Blue Bell Ice Cream for the rest of the crew. Ha! Here's to ice cream guys!

Let's be sure to practice safe driving so these guys don't have to spend a hot summer day cutting up more cars!


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