Summer started at Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA) this weekend.  Fort Hood hosted the annual kick-off, complete with all kinds of activities.Of course there was swimming at Sierra Beach.

Sierra Beach at Waterfest 2013

Looks like a life of ease, but I  saw Fort Hood Lifeguards get two distressed swimmers safely out of the water.

BLORA Lifeguard makes sure all is well

The gate fee to get into Waterfest was 6 dollars per carload but once inside, the activities were free.  These Hamster Balls looked interesting.

Human Hamster Balls

The Kayak Pool ended up at times looking like Bumper Cars!

Kayak Jam!

Lifeguards waited at the bottom of  the Phantom Phlume Waterslide!

Waiting for Splashdown at the Water Slide

Yes the Kid Wash is just what you think, a car wash for kids!

Entering the Kid Wash, it's a lot softer than those car wash brushes!

Did I mention it was hot out there.  Next time I am bringing my Bathing Suit!

Yes, I was Panting!