Here are a few more videos of people that work at the radio station that are trying the new limited edition Oreo cookies and are not enjoying them.  

My journalistic integrity has forced me to post once again about the Watermelon Oreo Cookies.  There were a few people that enjoyed the cookies in the beginning. However, it seems that those two were followed by a long list of resounding answers of "NO!'

Below are few of the latest taste test reactions I have captured on film.  Enjoy!

First up  is Julia from the US105 Morning Show... Not a fan... Although she does sing a nice song!

Next up is Schoepf's Barbecue owner Ronnie Schoepf.

This is Caroline, our Live Events Manager.

Kelsey, our Digital Sales Manager, had to have a turn as well.

Last but not least is one of our beautiful Sales Reps, Marianne Ward, and her reaction was the best!