After a whole lotta running around the last few days, it was time to hit up the bucks for some caffeine. Then, I noticed something was weird about the straw I just opened from Starbucks.

One end of the straw was perfectly normal and the other end was completely sealed. We've all seen weird straws before. Anything so mass-produced as a straw at McDonalds or Starbucks, you got to figure a few of them come out all derped up. 

Well, we couldn't decide. Was it just one of those weird one-time things or has Starbucks started to seal your straw at one end so you have to crack the seal before you re-fule? I don't know what to decide. It's just the kind of thing ole trendy Starbucks would seem to do.

Aaron said we should take a photo and see if anyone else was getting straws that are sealed at one end. Anyone?

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