According to today, August 8th is international cat day. It's said to be a holiday to not only celebrate the friendship that humans and cats share but also to advocate for the safety and well-being of cats.

That's pretty powerful stuff. You might be asking yourself "I don't own a cat, how can I contribute?" Well, to be honest, I'm not sure and I've been in deep thought about that for the past, oh, seven minutes or so.

I don't own a cat, growing up we had some and I liked them, but I'm not a cat guy. The picture is of sisters cat 'Pepper', her full name is 'Cheyenne Peppercorn'. Now, my sister, Noble, is a cat person, big time.

noble cat

Noble and Pepper are what you want in a cat-human relationship. I can tell that little Pepper helps relieves stress in her life, but the big thing is they are close and I'm not worried about my 19-year-old sister turning into a crazy cat lady in her later years.

That's it! That's how a non-cat owner can celebrate this holiday! Have an intervention with someone you know who might end up with 36 cats and never mows the lawn "It's like a little jungle for them.". had a few suggestions like 'Volunteer At The Local Cat Shelter' or 'Visit a cat cafe' (whatever that is) so since I don't know a genuine crazy person, I guess I'll be sipping an espresso with Pepper and Noble.

I like cats they're cool, who knows maybe I'll become a cat guy... but probably not.

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