TV Nielsen ratings last week, election coverage was big on cable where  FOX News and CNN took the lead. We did watch other stuff though. Check out  last week's Top 10 shows.

1.)  "Sunday Night Football", NBC, 20.1 million viewers.  The Houston Texans beat the Chicago Bears, 13-6.

2.)  "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 16.7 million viewers

3.)  "Person of Interest", CBS, 14.9 million viewers

4.)  "Two and a Half Men", CBS, 14.1 million viewers

5.)  Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, 13.5 million viewers.

6.)  "Monday Night Football", ESPN, 12.9 million viewers.  The New Orleans Saints beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 28-13.

7.)  "Modern Family", ABC, 12.4 million viewers

8.)  "Criminals Minds", CBS, 12.1 million viewers

9.)  NBC's primetime coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election, 12 million viewers  (--ABC came in second among broadcast TV channels with 10.4 million.)

10.)  Monday’s "The Voice", NBC, 11.9 million viewers

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