Do you recognize this gorgeous desert scene? That old truck is driving down a secluded street in a certain music video, with a couple inside, taking a trip to a hole-in-the-wall pool hall. Do you think you know the video that includes this shot?

The setting of this video is mainly on the open road, the pair driving through the empty desert. They stop for water and sunglasses to beat the heat of their environment. Eventually they reach the bar, where they pull up and hop out for a rousing game of pool that ends in a sensual kiss. The singer is seen throughout the video, playing half of the couple as well as playing guitar in secluded areas of the desert.

The song is about someone in a relatively new relationship falling in love and trying not to be the first to say it. After trying to fight it, the words fly out and can't be taken back. The singer co-wrote the song, which was released in 2004, when the singer was still on their debut album. It was a big hit, climbing into the Top 5 before stopping at No. 3. Now do you think you know the video? Click below and see how well you know your country music video trivia.

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