It's a great time of year! Students everywhere are leaving school, closing their books and hitting the beach. This video celebrates that, and there's one singer in particular that really identifies with this. Think you know who it is?

This week's video trivia may be a freebie, but we're feeling generous. The person who sings this song has spent several years celebrating this change in the seasons and time with college kids on the beach. This song -- and video -- recounts all the years spent on the sand. It's an anthem of sorts.

Although there are no longer these annual shows, we can all relive what fun they were in this music video. The clip shows footage from over the years at the events (and, boy, do they look like fun!), and the singer in the studio recording the new song that celebrates a new beginning.

Do you think you know what music video we're talking about? Or at least the singer responsible for these shows and this video in particular? Click below and see if you're right, then try your hand at a few other videos to see just how well you know your country music video trivia! Good luck!

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