This week, McDonald’s started offering adult versions of their iconic Happy Meals.

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Adults, especially millennials, can relive fond memories of their childhood with two options: ten-piece chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac, both with medium fries and a medium drink for $10.79.

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And, yes, the meals come with toys. Not “adult” adult toys, though. There are three different collectible figurines of classic McDonald’s characters (and one new one) like Grimace and Hamburgler. The mascots all have two sets of eyes for some reason.

We put the question out there on our Facebook: “What would you like to see included in the adult Happy Meals?”

You know, what’s something cheap that you might actually ENJOY getting with your dose of polyunsaturated fats and cholesterol?

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Here are some of your answers.

 Sylvia said, “Lighters. I go through cheap lighters like crazy”

Bryan: “ A gift card to literally any other restaurant”

Debra: “A mini bottle of tequila like you get on an airplane” (This was the most popular answer, by the way)

Sarah: “A lottery scratch-off”

Adelina: “Something useful like a charger, earbuds, mini fan, makeup, etc.”

Also, “a joint” was a popular answer though most commenters agreed it would be for New Mexico Mickey D’s only. As one commenter, Kiersten, put it, “Oh my gosh! A doobie would be the ultimate HAPPY MEAL! LOL”

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Other than visiting Golden Arches you can get your Adult Happy Meal through food delivery or with pick-up using the McDonald’s App. People who do use the App are automatically entered in a weekly drawing for other prizes, including a $600 “adult-sized, Grimace-themed chair”.

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