If you have ever worked in a restaurant or food service establishment you may be familiar with the crews that come around and evaluate how clean the location is.

A good score on a "restaurant report card" is usually the result of some pretty consistent hard work. Mostly it's the restaurants that receive the grades but recently a visit was made to Killeen High School. They scored an impressive 98. Someone found mold in the kitchen's ice machine according to KWTX.

That's pretty high up on the gross list if it's ice that is being served to people. The report card isn't specific. To be fair, if you have ever flipped the face open on an ice machine, most of them have mold growing somewhere. Especially the ones that don't get emptied and dried-out a couple times a week. Let's hope this didn't end up in anyone's drink.

Compared to the findings at the Sushi 1 on Rancier, it doesn't seem so bad. Somehow rodent waste is only one more point off than moldy ice if you are keeping score.

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