Texas' favorite fast food restaurant, Whataburger, just celebrated their 71st birthday and are still going strong.


Let's face it: outside of the Dallas Cowboys and The Alamo, Whataburger might be the most famous brand associated with Texas. Their delicious burgers have been satisfying hungry Texan appetites for 71 years now as of Sunday, August 8th.

The Start of a Texas Tradition

The 71 year old burger chain got its start in 1950 when founder Harmon Dobson opened the doors in Corpus Christi, Texas, and over the years Whataburger has expanded to over 800 locations in the South and Southwest. That now includes locations in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Oklahoma and the newest locations going up in Kansas and Missouri, thanks to Texas born KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

As Fun To Pronounce As It Is To Eat

Truth be told, you can't keep a good burger a secret forever.

I remember as a young kid I thought it was Water Burger, and I always asked, 'how do they make burgers out of water?' It wasn't 'til I was much older that I learned it was Whataburger. Them Texan accents took some time to figure out. Nonetheless, my brothers and I loved going to Whataburger. It was the highlight of the weekend.

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No Competition

As for the Whataburger feud with In-N-Out Burger out of California, pft, it's not even close. In-N-Out Burgers are smaller and lack the taste to even compete. Don't get me started about their always under-cooked fries. It's like eating a raw potato at times.

I'll always choose the two-handed deliciousness of a Whataburger. Add some bacon, cheese and jalapenos and a side of fries with spicy ketchup and an unsweet iced tea (I'm weird like that) and I'm good to go!

Happy 71st, Whataburger!

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