Whataburger is our beloved Texas hamburger chain. Oh sure, they're now in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Oklahoma in addition to native Texas, but they're an institution here. They routinely make the upper echelon of the "best burger" lists that seem to pop up online and in print. Everything's bigger and better in Texas.

What could they do to make the Whataburger experience even MO' better? How about a smartphone app which has features everyone wants?


Elizabeth Varville

Launched for Android and iPhone smartphones, this mobile app right now can do the following, according to the chain:

  • Pay with your phone. (I love this)
  • Earn rewards for frequent visits. (This could be dangerous)
  • Access their menu. (Sadly, with calories shown)
  • Whataburger Locator when you need that fix.

The big question will be answered next year: Whataburger will implement ONLINE ORDERING by the end of 2017. If you're critical about what goes on your burger, as I am, this is great. I'm all about the special orders.

Dig and download the app by clicking here.

Can I dial down the calories? No? Damn.

You know what they need next?

"Hey Alexa, I need me a Whataburger. With Cheese. Delivered to my house." Ten minutes later, BING BONG! Yeah!

Ain't progress tasty?