Fast food is described simply by the name. It's fast, and sometimes pretty good too. Unless they give us the wrong food, then it's fast and silly. We all have partaken in the consumption of fast food, and we all have our favorites.

With Texas being one of the biggest states, one thing is for sure. There are a lot of people, and everyone gets hungry. So that means there are a lot of options to choose from food-wise. So this raises a question that some might not have thought about:

Which Fast Food Restaurants Show Up Most In Texas?

Bet this is a thought that you haven't though about it a while is it? Who owns the most real estate food-wise in the state of Texas. Well thankfully, Stacker has put together the data all together. It's not just the top five, Stacker has the top 20 for all Texans to view.

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So there's one question we now must ask: Where does Whataburger rank? It has to be number one right? After all, it is a Texas original.

It must have the most the locations in Texas, nothing can beat it on it's home turf! Only one way to find out.

Whataburger Locations In Texas

Data reveals that Whataburger is in the top five! But it's...not number one. In fact, it sits right at number five. So who has the most locations in Texas?

Subway. Yes, Subway. The sandwich shop locations total 2,108, to Whataburger's 716. Which is absolutely shocking.

We need more Whataburger locations. This is Texas after all!

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