Would you plan a birthday party with Whataburger decorations? You can with the official Whataburger Birthday Bundle available from the most beloved burger joint in Texas!

I had to laugh when I heard a coworker describe Whataburger lovers as a "cult". I say, "What's not to love"? It's a signature Texas burger restaurant, it's been around forever, they always have something on the menu people love that nobody else is serving, so why not have some Whataburger party supplies available.

As a kid, I can remember several friends just simply having a birthday party with friends and classmates at the local McDonalds. We didn't have Whataburger in the midwest, but I can imagine that on more than a few occasions that someone has had a birthday party at a Whataburger. So, why wouldn't they have Whataburger party supplies? That's the kind of brand Whataburger is. They kind of think of everything.

  • 12 orange and white striped plates
  • 12 happy birthday napkins
  • 12 orange balloons with white ribbon
  • 12 white balloons with orange ribbon
  • 12 party hats
  • 6 photo props
  • 1 happy birthday banner
  • 1 fry candle
  • 12 individual candles

The only thing you need is your own cake! Everything else comes in the Birthday Bundle for $29.95. It doesn't stop there! Die-hard Whataburger loyalists can also check out Birthday Table Tents, a Whataburger sportula, and even the Whataburger Lover's Bundle! This last one actually sounds like it might be something else, but rest easy knowing its a combo of all your favorite sauces (ketchup, spicy ketchup, mustard), Whataburger's famous pancake mix, t-shirt, keychain, and reusable shopping bag. Sounds like a great gift to go along with your party supplies. WhataWin!!

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