Life in Texas is constantly changing. It's just how things go doesn't it? After all, today will always be different from the previous day or tomorrow.

But there's more to just our lives changing day-to-day. Of course, the area around us is always growing as well. We see and hear new businesses that are built and offer various services. But there's always a need for food places right?

Texas, of course, has no shortage of those. One very familiar orange restaurant has definitely changes as time has passed, in more ways than one.

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Whataburger And Price Changes Over The Years In Texas

Yes, the restaurant we all know and love had indeed undergone many changes as the years have passed. One of those things of course is definitely the menu, we all know many individuals request the mushroom swiss burger to come back! Sorry to remind those who miss it a lot.

But rather than talk about the menu, let's talk about the prices on that menu shall we? It's interesting to think, but that price of whatever item you're buying hasn't stayed the same over the years. According to the Texas State Historical Association, when Whataburger first began business, burgers cost a staggering simple 25 cents!

But, all good things must come to an end right? Shortly thereafter, the price was moved up to 30 cents, then 35 cents. But the price now? Well, if you order online according the to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, $5.29!

We checked online as well, and it looks like the price jumped 10 cents too, as we see a price of $5.39. Oh how we long for cheaper prices...

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