A secret menu for a eatery is always just so cool isn't it? It's almost like you feel like your committing some type of espionage act to order items that aren't truly there. Truth be told, it does indeed take some type of intel to even find these items.

Every food establishment certainly has one. So it shouldn't surprise anyone when one Texas original eatery has a few items we don't know about. We are, of course, talking about Whataburger.

Whataburger Has A Secret Menu?

Yes the big famous orange restaurant has a menu that some after reading this may want to try soon. According to the Houston Chronicle, the recently added Chili Cheese Fries were on the secret menu, and received the metaphorical call-up to the main menu.

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But for other items, it'll take true Whataburger fans a little more effort to see the other items that await their taste buds. For those special items, Hack The Menu has us covered.

Whataburger Secret Items You Must Try Soon

All of us sometimes would just like a simple grilled cheese. Which when typed out seems somewhat weird to order from a place focused on burgers, but you can, as described here.

What about say, chicken and pancakes? It's not chicken and waffles, but it certainly still works as a combo right? You can certainly get that at Whataburger too!

This one is a personal favorite, because who doesn't love hash browns? During a certain time frame, you can add hash browns onto any burger! Which I'll have to try soon.

Are there any items you've come up with to add the menu? Send us a message on our FREE station app using the chat feature with your own creations!

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