I was so excited about finding some chicken Italian Sausage the other day .  Less calories, less fat and oh so good for you (not really).  Italian Sausage that I could eat without guilt,  half a link was only 80 calories.  So I had one for breakfast one day,  and then a few days later, I opened the refrigerator to pull out the other half and I could not find the Italian Sausage. I searched from top to bottom.

Oh Well,  I thought I guess the boys ate them, (All of them!).  Wrong!  I misplaced them.  Sunday morning, my husband Keith was pulling out the griddle and he found them, in the cabinet.

Sausage in the cabinet/Julia Conner

Ugh,  they had been there a week, waiting to be rescued.  My poor babies.    I guess I put em back there when I put away the griddle.  MY BAD!

What's the latest absent minded thing you've done?  Tell us, make me feel better about my sausage!