Let me be completely honest. EVERY DAY is National Coffee Day for me. But today, the whole country acknowledges this special ode to the caffeinated beverage that surely gets most of us through our workdays.

Now, I've already had two cups of coffee, but that doesn't mean I'm done for the day. Especially if I'm within close distance to places I can score free cups of Joe. So for all you cafe lovers out there, here's a list of places you can celebrate National Coffee Day with like-minded fiends such as yourself.


It's really a bummer the closest Dunkin' Donuts is on post and that the new Waco location is set to open on October 4. But if you see a Dunkin' (there are 12,000 locations worldwide) and need some caffeine, you can buy a medium coffee for 66 cents in honor of Dunkin' Donuts' 66th birthday.


OK. This best deal out there for sure. There is no purchase necessary to score a free glazed donut and a cup of coffee. Literally just show up and ask for it. Here's what they said:

We have decided to sweeten the deal a bit for National Coffee Day, as we think coffee and doughnuts go better together. ur doughnuts have always been complemented perfectly by our coffee, and we are excited our guests are able to enjoy both of these premium products for free.


The truck stop/gas station that you can find in Robinson, Hewitt and Waco is doling out a free hot beverage for customers today. It can be coffee, but it can also be tea, a cappuccino. You do have to show the online coupon, which you can find here.


Interestingly enough, Starbucks is not giving out free coffee but is trying to make a change in the world with National Coffee Day. For every cup of brewed Mexico Chiapas cup of coffee purchased, Starbucks will donate a coffee tree in order to fight against a fungus called "coffee rust", which is killing large amounts of trees in Latin America. Their goal is to donate 20 million trees by year's end.

We have not found anything on Shipley Do-Nuts doing anything for National Coffee Day, but they did have a promotion last year on this day where customers get a free coffee with purchase.