With the cost of a commercial in the Super Bowl up half a million dollars from last year, there is some big players that have come up with the $4 million bucks that it takes to invade your living room for 30 seconds this year.  I have the top three (in my opinion) Super Bowl commercials for you, early and on your computer!

First off is the Coke commercial that everyone is talking about...  Big budget and you get to vote for who you think should win the race... My preference is the guy on the horse.  He wasn't thrown off by the glitter cannon and he took out the guy on the motorcycle with his hat!

Second up is the Doritos commercial.  They couldn't have picked out the dog better and the little girl is way cute... I like that she outsmarted him but in my mind the mom driving saw it jump out and stopped right away to pick it up and put it back inside the car...

Last but not least, I love the KIA commercial.  Seems like they have stepped up big in their advertising efforts... Made me laugh!

So there you go, the Rowdy picks for the best Super Bowl Commercials... Which is your favorite?