The Christmas Day NBA games are becoming quite the tradition around the country, but why did the NBA feel the need to give the teams different uniforms?

Many teams  have a uniform that hasn't changed colors or logos in years, and some teams change their style quite often. So why did every team elect to wear ugly uniforms on Christmas?

It's the day the NBA pretty much has to itself, except 24 hours of 'A Christmas Story,' of course. It was odd to see the Boston Celtics in a solid-green uniform. The Nets usually wear a simple black-and-white, but elected to wear gray on Christmas.

Every team was wearing a solid color, or close to it. The New York Knicks may have been the worst of all, with bright orange. In high definition, it was like watching a glowing radioactive team of mutants. The Bulls, Heat and Clippers all wore solid red. It was even hard to read the lettering on some of the uniforms.