If you didn't know, there's actually good and bad to a four day work week. Good: you didn't have to work Monday, thank you Labor Day. Bad: you may miss Curtis Grimes in concert, if you're not paying attention. He's playing Wednesday night (Sept. 4) at Cowboy's. The tricky part is, it may feel like Tuesday to you, but it's not. Remember you were off Monday.

To get you up to date, over the years Curtis and I have made six bets. They've ranged from World Series victors to David Allan Coe's middle finger. To date Curtis is a dismal 0-6. This Wednesday night I look to keep Curtis's big ol' goose egg on the board with our seventh bet: Who hits a punching bag harder.

Two weeks ago I was explaining, logically and soundly, on-air why Curtis has zero chance of out-hitting me. Turns out Curt was driving by and listening in. He stopped by to explain why he felt I was wrong, here's what happened:

The stakes have never been higher for us. If Curt wins, he gets to host my show -- I'll likely lose every listener I've worked hard to earn. And he'll be catapulted into the Texas Music stratosphere.

If I win, I pick his next radio single, and that could affect the entire trajectory of his career. This is gonna be a good one.

This Wednesday night the weeks of training and smack talking will come to an end, after his concert at Cowboy's we will know who can hit a punching bag harder... Or perhaps just who can hold their liquor better. But regardless it'll be fun, be there. Buy your tickets now.

I'll leave you with a live performance of a brand new song from Curtis titled "Drunk for That," some of you may relate to it more than others.

Be sure to get your tickets to the show early, it's gonna be a packed house. I'll see y'all Wednesday night! For your chance to win tickets stop by the Radio Texas, LIVE! Facebook page.