There's a man in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a unique problem.  A  jogger has turned his property into a bathroom.  The young, blonde woman stops to relieve herself, then continues her morning jog, we are not talking number one either!   He has her on video. Watch, it's disgusting!

The man was only identified as Bobby.  His security cameras caught the woman jogging past his house on Easter Sunday . . . then running up next to it, dropping her pants, doing her dirty business, and jogging away.

He thought it was a one-time thing . . . then it happened again and again.  He's caught her four times!

He says, quote, "This is malicious fecal distribution."

He thought about going to the police, but figured they wouldn't take him seriously.  So instead, he went to the local ABC affiliate.  Naturally, they loved it and ran it on the evening news.

Bobby says he hopes the attention from the newscast will make the woman realize he has cameras . . . and shame her into stopping her malicious elimination.