Radio Texas Live is giving you a shot at winning your very ow backyard concert featuring the Casey Donahew Band.  That's a great way to wind down summer as we get ready for summer to come to an end.  If Casey Donahew plays your back porch, suddenly your barking dog won't seem so bad... especially if your neighbors get an invite.

This one-of-a-kind giveaway from Radio Texas Live got me thinking about the artist I'd love to play my backyard.


Photo Credit Casey Donahew Facebook



These are the five artists I'd most like to play my backyard.



5.  Stoney Larue- C'mon, with a name like Stoney you know he brings the party.  Just to hear "Oklahoma Breakdown" in this former Okie's backyard would be enough to call it a night, but as my scotch supply starts to get passed around I'm sure the party would keep my neighbors up most of the night.


4.  Zac Brown Band- Just about every Zac Brown Band song sounds like it was written AND recorded on a beach somewhere.  Throw a little sand over a patch of lawn & pull up a blanket, because we're about to put our toes in the sand for some Zac Brown, up close & personal.  Close enough, in fact, to reach out & stroke the beard.  NOTE- As a man with a beard myself, please never touch a bearded man's beard... it's just weird.  It's worse than asking a pregnant woman to touch her belly.


3.  Jason Aldean-  Having Jason Aldean play my backyard isn't necessarily speaking to my personal enjoyment of his music.  Jason playing my backyard means lots of lovely young ladies that would be more than willing to pretend they know me just to get up close to him... and his jeans.  The sounds would be great I'm fairly certain, but I'm 100% positive the sights would be even more enjoyable.


2.  Alan Jackson-  Alan's list of hits speaks for itself in regards to why I'd want Alan to play Casa Garrett, but it's also the great party songs like "Chatahoochie", "Pop a Top", and "Don't Rock the Jukebox" that make it such a great show.  We're talking about a solid 90 minutes of hits, all in the general vicinity of where Lexi does her business in the backyard.


1.  Taylor Swift-  Just kidding.  Although I'd like to have a few words with Ms. Swift in regards to her relationship choices, I'm going with Willie Nelson for my #1 choice.  Why not?  He's tops on my bucket list of people I want to see in person before THEY kick the bucket, so what better place than my back porch to see it.  I wouldn't invite anyone other than close friends so it would be an intimate setting with just Willie, his guitar and whatever assorted paraphernalia he chose to bring with him.  That's a legendary night in the making.



What about you?  Who would be your #1 choice for a backyard concert?