Maybe hunters will know this, but I didn't. We are in the middle of shedding season for bucks, but it's not fur they'll be shedding. It's their antlers.

Texas Parks and Wildlife posted a photo of a Texas buck sans antlers earlier today, explaining that bucks are shedding their antlers as breeding season draws to a close. The post goes on to note that shedding season usually occurs from late winter through early spring.

Upon further research - actually I just asked the Warden - we know that males primarily use their antlers in order to fight during breeding season. Their breeding hormones keep antlers strong and firmly attached to the head but as soon as breeding season is over, hormone production drops to a lull and the antler base wears away they drop off.

Texas Parks & Wildlife monitored antler growth on one buck from March to September in 1999. Check it out for yourself!

That is, until they gear up for the next breeding and begin growing again in spring and summer.

There are people, sometimes called 'shed heads', who enjoy searching for shed antlers. Here are some tips provided by

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