My Favorite Day of the Year is approaching, Mother’s Day!   My favorite, especially when my two boys were young, because Keith, my husband, would take them away, and I had the day to myself.

Julia and Adam with a Travis on Top/ Julia Conner

Adam and Travis are 21 and 19 now, they still live at home.  The youngest graduated from Central Texas College Paramedic School Friday night, and Surprise Surprise, Travis was Valedictorian!  That should look good on his resume, I hope he can find a job and move away!

Adam my oldest has Aspergers Syndrome, which means he has no social skills but he is very intelligent.  He never lies, so don’t ask him if those jeans make you look fat. He has changed his major to Computer Assisted Drafting (whatever that is), so he started all over last fall.  That means it will take him longer to move away!

Hopefully both will get outta my house soon,  then I can have the place to myself, oh wait,  Keith will still be there.  I can Dream!

Let me leave you with a fact of life that most Moms have to deal with,   “Let’s see if we can say ‘Mommy’ a million times today” syndrome.   Trust me, this is not a figment of our imagination, it is a real disease!