I don’t know what it is about me but the Skeeters seem to love me.  My Mama always said it was cause I was so sweet.  But apparently that is not true. 

Readers Digest says it’s because I am full of Carbon Dioxide.
The more you sweat the more Carbon Dioxide you exhale. The harder you breathe, the more CO2 you emit, so you’re especially attractive after exercise.    So much for sweet Julia, but a wonderful reason not to exercise outside.

No More of this, the Skeeters will get me!/Digital Vision

In fact there is a whole list of reasons why mosquitoes will come after you.  You know it’s the Lady Mosquitoes who drink our blood. They need the protein for their eggs.  Maybe that’s why they really like to feast on pregnant women.  Yep they are at the top of the mosquito menu.

Smelly feet are Mosquito Delicious too, but they really like your hands the best.

Those Lady Mosquitoes love it when you drink Beer.  Lures em in.  She like to get a little tipsy too I guess.  Gotta lay all those Eggs!

He is just asking for it!/Photo Credit townsquaredigital

So how do you get em to leave you alone? Use repellent with Deet, put it everywhere that is exposed to the sun,  except the whites of your eyes, that might sting.

By the way, the Bug Zappers are not such a good idea.  They send out carbon dioxide to lure the mosquitoes in,  but they may attract more than they can trap, so the Skeeters that get away come after you instead.  UV bug zappers aren’t effective either, only a fraction of the pests they kill are mosquitoes.


Bottom line, get rid of the stagnant water, trim the vegetation, pack on the Deet and maybe, just maybe the Skeeters will leave you alone.

If they still want to feast on you, just ask yourself,  "Would I rather be bitten by a tiny Mosquito, or Big FOOT?"

I think I'll take the Mosquito/istockphoto