A new survey found that most Americans, almost two-thirds of us, go to work when we’re sick.   I was not surprised.   No matter what the Bosses say, doesn’t it always seem like they think you are faking it?

Your co-workers are just as bad, disbelieving and kinda hostile, no matter what you do, they don’t want you spreading germs, but they don’t want to do your work.

Okay, he looks like he's faking, that hair is too perfect!

I think every place of business should have an isolation booth for each employee, when you are sick, that is where you work.

The only excuse for skipping work is hospitalization.  I can always bring your work to you!

This of course coming from someone who never gets sick,   I have offered to spit down the throat of anyone who needs my antibodies.  So far, nobody  has taken me up on that offer.

Anyway, here are the top six reasons why sick people come to work.

28% of people say they're ESSENTIAL

18% have too much work to do.

15% don't get paid sick days.

12% don't want to be seen as a SLACKER.

11% are saving their sick days for when their KIDS get sick.

And 8% of people are afraid of being FIRED.

So what is your excuse for going into the office and spreading your germs around?  Is it revenge?