Let's be honest with one another for a moment. Texans certainly cannot wait for cooler temperatures in the state. We're all tired of 90 degree weather aren't we?

Now thankfully, at least in the mornings, cooler temps have made it a little bit easier to wake up to. But the warm temps are still around for now. But while we look forward, there's also a chance that severe weather could be around the corner for Texas in the Winter.

La Niña's Effect on Texas

For those unaware of La Niña, it's explained here by the NOAA. But the effect of the phenomenon could potentially affect the Texas winter, and not in a way that Texans will appreciate. According to NBC5, the event could stay through November, with odds set at 91%.

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Odds have been also set at the weather staying until March of 2023 at 53%.

What Does This Mean For Texas?

The effects on Texas will be felt two ways: higher temps, and the increased chance of severe weather events for the state. So the Texas winter will once again be hard to predict. So it's important for all of us to be weather aware and make sure that we take weather warnings seriously.

This means to know your safe place in wherever you live, and to make sure you have a way to receive weather alerts in case power goes out.

It is also important to start preparing now, so there is no last minute trying to figure out certain items in your severe weather plan.

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