Have you heard of the Boredom Diet?  The premise, you eat only one food, eventually you'll get sick of it, eat less, and lose weight.

Researchers studied the diet by having one group of women eat NOTHING but mac and cheese, and another group ate normal food,  for five weeks.  Ugh, Just looking at this makes me Barf Up Five Pounds!

The study found that after just one week, the group eating mac and cheese was eating an average of 100 calories less per meal than the other group.  Over time, that's going to lead to weight loss.  But you have to stick to it, eating only one food, for however long it takes you to lose the weight.   6 months?   A year?  Anybody going to do that?  Anybody?

I didn’t think so.  Nope this one probably won’t work but it’s a nice thought.   If you could only eat one food at every meal what would it be?

It's Hot Wings for Me!!!!

On Second Thought,  I should probably pick something I hate already, Like sushi!  I could lose all my extra pounds in just three days!  BAM!